When you take a step back to move forward in life!!

Have you ever had a sudden realization that triggered you to take a step back from your current pace of life? Or you feel like shifting back to an old schedule?

So, I was talking to a friend the other day, and we were discussing what’s going in respective lives. Given this lockdown, we both have been venturing and trying our hands in different fields. While narrating our experiences, we both struck at the same point. He said that he was helping someone on a live project and was working quite responsibly, which kept him occupied. But, eventually, he started missing his old schedule wherein he was exploring and spending time on himself. He further added that when he rolled his eyes towards his friend circle, everyone is multi-tasking and handling multiple stuff at the same time. The question he posed to me goes if he was inefficient or becoming too complacent? And before I could respond, he expressed that he was happy taking those small steps and learning new things every day. Now, when he is working on a project, he kind of misses all those activities. I couldn’t stop smiling at the incident he narrated, but the question remained in my head.

Is it wrong to take a step back and relive the old schedule where you were at peace and happy? Will this fast-paced world assume us to be complacent or inefficient, even if we give our best efforts when at work? Can someone not take time off and spend on finding oneself?

These questions kept me unsettled and made me excavate my inner feelings and thoughts. I could relate to him and his issues because I was also undergoing something similar. The only difference was he was still wondering the right answer, and I had figured the answers to those questions for myself and had moved onto that path.

The series of events that happened with me

As the lockdown got announced, my corporate job got shifted to October. Then, I intended to spend my time reading books and bracing myself up for my new job. I was happy that I got this break after two years of MBA, so I could work on myself better and might as well catch up on my binge-watch list.

But soon, I started to grow apart from that schedule, and so I initiated my search for some live project. Soon enough, I started an initiative of conducting webinars with one of my friends, which kept me occupied. It was a new field for both of us, and we started learning about the nitty-gritty of conducting and managing the sessions. As a reasonable response started coming in, I was unstoppable and began thinking about launching the initiative on all social media channels, building content as well as expanding our bases. And there lied a problem knocking my door: I am a finance enthusiast who knows nothing about social media/ digital marketing. With plenty of free time at my disposal, I started learning about it and experimented with various strategies to figure out how things work in this field. With significant time spent on getting the knack of it, I realized that I could unleash my potential and explore through self-learning.

The turn came with a live project offer from a consulting firm for a business development role. I liked the job role and had some time in my hand; I didn’t have to think twice to say a ‘YES.’ So, I was running two projects parallelly but was thoroughly enjoying my time despite being busy. I had to make some structural changes concerning managing my time, dedicating the same level of effort, and also maintaining a self-care regime. There were some days when I used to feel worked up and exhausted, and other days, all I had in my head was about the work (either the live project or my initiative). Somehow, I have been happy around work as long as I am growing, and that exhaustion level didn’t bother me. Though, my parents and friends were getting annoyed by my act of occupying myself even when I could chill, relax. Just trying to make both ends meet and making efforts to balance three parallel lives (two projects and personal life), two months passed away. These two months gave me a plethora of learnings and a fantastic experience in this lockdown. But somewhere at the bottom of my heart, I was a bit unsatisfied that I have not been able to read books and take my initiative to the height that I wanted to. I have been procrastinating my planned stuff due to the diversion of efforts to this live project.

But I was not done yet! When the contract was under renewal, I had a week in my hand when I had no work apart from my initiative work. And that’s when I had a breather post two months of exertion. The ideas at the back of my mind started propping up again. I slowed down my pace with the gush of things that we’re rolling in my head. I started putting heads into my initiative and its expansion, keeping myself updated with more news, looking around what my peers were up to, and picking up books to read. Work took a backseat; I was experiencing a relaxing mode similar to what it was before I started my live project with that consulting firm. I had time to look around, spend time doing nothing, indulge in random conversations with friends and family, and luckily I had different things to talk about apart from the work stuff. I started enjoying this phase, and I felt that might be I shouldn’t have taken up the live project. I could have done more work on what I wanted to do. I had a golden time to experiment with my things, whatever was there in my head.

Yet, another side of the coin says if I had not taken up that live project, I wouldn’t have realized what I am gaining every day. For the first time, I felt that I should take a step back and reanalyze how I want to spend this golden period before being caught up in the corporate field. Often, we say what we do it great, or what decisions we have taken for ourselves ae always the best. But, I still think that it’s okay to reverse your decision and rejig your path when you get triggered with a thought that you are missing out on something that you don’t want to. Like my friend, I too thought that someone might call me inefficient or complacent at work. But another line that overshadowed the previous thought was I am just choosing one path of learning over the other. All I can do is to try to unravel this untaken path or this opportunity that I have in my hand at the right time. I am just placing it at the priority and putting all my bets into it, be it my time or my efforts.

So, what happened with the live project renewal? That’s still under consideration, but I have stepped down from their work as a full-time help. And regarding my initiative, Now I see things happening at a faster pace, and I am back on exploring new avenues for it. Also, now I have a few slots free during my day, so I head to my Mom, and we have some random gossips. In all, I am now trying to create some beautiful memories before heading to my corporate life!

And what about that friend? Surprisingly, by the end of our call, he also agreed that we are not stopping ourselves from putting efforts, we are just redirecting our efforts at the place we want to. Whether we will succeed or fail or reshuffle our paths, time will narrate that story to us soon :)

What are you waiting for? If you are also thinking of rediscovering your path and subscribing to a new journey, don’t wait and go all-in with your best efforts!!



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